Build your knowledge and receive ongoing support

What is nutrition coaching? 

Nutrition coaching is more than having a consult, it's about ongoing education and support. This is a crucial component for individuals hoping to maintain effective dietary behaviours long-term. Whilst single sessions are perfect for fast information, they often don't target and overcome the underlying reasons preventing dietary change. In fact, evidence shows that by having frequent follow-ups, people are better able to transform their diet for immediate and long-term results. 


Nutrition coaching is for everyone who wants to take their performance and health to the next level. 




Train and perform better than ever before 

  • Optimise fuelling strategies

  • Speed up recovery

  • Manage fluid and electrolyte balance

  • Improve brain function and skill execution

  • Reduce injury and illness risk

  • Improve power:weight ratio

  • Effective and safe supplement use

  • Suitable for athletes of all ages and stages


Boost your health and vitality

  • Manage life stress with convenient meal and snack ideas

  • Practice mindful eating

  • Build a healthy home and work environment

  • Develop the skills to overcome daily challenges

  • Learn how to socialise without compromising your goals

  • Create a healthy culture for your family and friends

  • Learn how technology can enhance your diet



Prevent and treat with therapeutic nutrition

  • Diabetes, pre diabetes and cardiovascular disease

  • Inflammatory bowel disease

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Allergies and intolerances

  • Undernutrition and difficulty gaining weight

  • Obesity and weight loss

  • Prevent and treat nutrient deficiencies

Body Recomposition 

Increase muscle, lose fat and look your best 

  • Optimise muscle growth and training adaptation

  • Manage fuelling strategies to target fat loss

  • Monitor signs and symptoms to prevent low energy availability and hormonal abnormalities

  • Periodise your nutrition to maintain performance

  • Manage daily life demands and socialising

  • Prevent unnecessary and harmful restrictive dietary practices


Coaching and consultation prices

Dave is currently not providing nutrition consults and/or coaching to clients due to a heavy workload.